We are continually making additional payment systems available in our store - including in particular the most popular of the various European countries

a. payment
You have the option to pay in following manners:
paypal (3% fee)
payment in advance

Volksbank Weschnitztal

IBAN DE39 5096 1592 0001 0117 90


Your order will ship as soon as we have received payment.  With "payment in advance" the shipping may be delayed accordingly.
b. payment problems
For technical problems with the payment, please contact us. We have the possibility to change your payment method on request, or sent to you a paypal payment request.
You will receive an invoice from us via e-mail, which would also include the changes agreed with you.
c. repayment
- With paypal payment
You will receive a transfer of the amount to your paypal account. paypal, will notify you of the receipt of payment. Please note that you need to transfer the amount  from your paypal account to your bank account afterwards.
- For all other payment methods
We transfer the money to your bank account.