1. Activate the TICKLESS by pulling the red slip on the device

2. Check the functionality of the Tickless at any time by pressing the white button at the wide end of the unit: Only if then a red light lits inside, the unit is fully functional. Check the Tickless regularly.

3. Once activated, the Tickless is in continuous operation and can not be deactivated. After approximately one year the battery is empty, the device must then be disposed of as old battery. A replacement of the battery is not possible because after prolonged use, the technique is also soiled inside.

4. An important condition for the successful protection by the Tickless is that the device is being worn at least during the day, preferably 24 hours a day. Applying the Tickless only for walks distinctly is not sufficient!

5. The life of the Tickless strongly depends on its mechanical stress. Dust and dirt can and will inevitably pass through the opening of the device - the more, the worse. Also, water is not good for electronics. Nevertheless, a completely wet Tickless is not immediately destroyed. Knock the water off the appliance and blow dry it.

Take the Tickless off your dig before it enters extremely dusty / sandy (eg beach) or wet areas (eg swimming, pouring rain)