NOVAGUARD - how to apply correctly

The NOVAGUARD is designed in such a way that it can be adapted as much as possible - this enables high flexibility and affordable product prices. So please do not expect a NOVAGUARD to always have the perfect fit - this cannot be possible. Here we give you fitting tips - we will also be happy to advise you by telephone, if you send us 3-4 photos of your cat with mask (from different perspectives) to We are available on weekdays from 9h - 22h and on Sundays and public holidays from 11h - 18h at 07663 607 2905

IMPORTANT notes - please observe them:

ALSO ANIMALS WANT TO UNDERSTAND! ... and no one knows better than we animal owners how good they are at it! Nevertheless, we sometimes forget to explain something new to them - yes, simply with our language like a child! 
For example, it happens again and again that the cats of our customers get their new NOVAGURAD leak protection "simply put on" - after the operation or during the fitting; and often the natural reaction is: defence! Especially when the cats are blind and don't even see what happens. That's why: 
Before putting on the mask for the first time, please sniff the cat thoroughly and rub the face against it; - tell the cat what the mask is good for. 
with blind cats: You can also imagine the cat with the mask on her head intensively
put the mask into the cat's basket so that he gets used to the thoughts. 
repeat later above and THEN SET UP FIRST  
praise the cat very much and tell her how smart she looks
Try to let the cat look at you in the mirror - but don't force her!
Blind cats always also tell blind cats what you just do! 
And DO NOT FORGOT: promise her the favourite treat as a reward for her cooperation!


If you put on the cat's mask for the first time, be sure to pay attention: The mask must be so tightly closed at the neck that the cat cannot strip it off to the front! Once she succeeds, she will try again and again.....



Please observe first how the cat behaves with the NOVAGUARD. Does he have a loose neck and can push it back? Is it especially flexible and can be used everywhere? Occasionally, cats find a way to "get around" them despite a sufficiently long mask - then an already shortened mask is too short.



Our patented masks were invented in Australia and are imported from there. This also means some financial effort, which we not only want to keep as small as possible (= lowest possible transport weight and low customs duties) but also want to keep prices low so that financially weaker buyers and animal welfare organisations can afford the product. 

The manufacturer Provizor is absolutely willing and able to provide the masks with a comprehensive lining - but this would push up prices. We would like to avoid this, especially since most cats have such a thick coat that they do not need any padding. For cats with too thin fur we recommend that you help yourself if necessary, e. g. by relining with foam rubber, wrapping with cotton wool and soft crepe tape or masking with Leukoplast. 

Cheap foam rubber - already cut into strips - is available here at



The side strips must fit into at least TWO of the existing slots. You should "weave"the side stripes through the slits if your cat puts a lot of strain on the mask.

If the cat has a very wide head, stick the side strip into the 1st and 2nd slit - then the neckline is larger when tightening.



If the NOVAGUARD has the right size, but below the neck cuts something, the edge can be carefully cut out and expands to (dashed line). File the cut edge then smooth or taping with adhesive tape