NOVAGUARD Wound Protection[1]

To prevent a dog from licking and nibbling at his wound or bandages, it usually wears an Elizabethian Collar or another form of neck collar. However, it hinders the dog and many feel very bad having to wear this massive thing that keeps them from walking decently. Also, very often your furniture is heavily damaged if your dog decides not to care about how to handle an Elizabethian Collar….



The NOVAGUARD is THE alternative:

  • The NOVAGUARD is hardly larger than your dog’s head
  • thereby allowing to easily walk around corners and narrow passages without getting stuck. This also saves your furniture !
  • its intelligent design fits the NOVAGUARD snuggly; it doesn’t disturb by wiggling or changing position
  • the dog’s ears are outside the mask; it diminishes the danger of overheated ears and infections caused by that. The dog can hear and scratch unhindered
  • ..therefore, it is ideal for dogs with long necks, i.e. greyhound and sloughi, as the NOVAGUARD does not drop to the dogs shoulders leaving his head partly uncovered
  • the NOVAGUARD allows absolute freedom of movement
  • while eating, playing and sleeping
  • the NOVAGUARD individually fits with a velcro fastener and does not need a dog’s neckband to be fixed
  • the NOVAGUARD comes in five different sizes, starting with “toy” for very small dogs up to “large” for the really big ones (see chart below)
  • in order to fit the NOVAGUARD to the individual length of your dog’s snout, it can be shortened at the rim with a sharp knife. To support this, three different grooves have been stamped at the rim for your convenience
  • the NOVAGUARD is made of polypropylene and therefore easy to be kept clean.


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NOVAGUARD - how to assemble correctly

How to assemble the NOVAGUARD

NOVAGUARD - how to apply correctly

How to fit the NOVAGUARD to your dog

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Comfortable alternative to the E-collar and similar products: The NOVAGUARD prevents the dog from licking at his body's wounds or nibbling the bandages. Please see our instructions on how to determine the correct mask size.

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