OPTIVIZOR Eye Protection

The OPTIVIZOR is a visor for dogs.

It is well suited for dogs, which had


  • an eye or facial surgery
  • are photo- or UV-sensitive 
  • are blind 
  • are participating in risky missions, like police dogs or watchdogs or 
  • are deployed in narrow or dusty surroundings, like search dogs or hunting dogs


This is how your dog is being protected:


a. Flexible and strong material

The OPTIVIZOR is made of 2mm clear soft PVC; this

  • prevents the dogs eyes from blows and dirt
  • allows the Optivizor to adapt to your dog’s head easily
  • allows your dog his full sight for his convenience


b. Optimal function

The colored head rest has been ergonomically designed

  • to form around the curvature of the dog’s head ensuring greater comfort and stability
  • so the OPTIVIZOR is always kept in a correct distance to the dog’s eyes
  • to allow an ideal ventilation
  • so its color defines the mask size for easy identification
  • the dog’s ears are kept outside the mask, therefore
  • enabling the dog to hear unrestricted and without an echo
  • the ears don’t overheat and therefore prevent yeast infections
  • the entire mask moves with the dogs head and does not flop about
  • the neck strap and sides of the Optivizor can be adjusted individually


c. UV- and light protection

For dogs with photosensitive eyes and those who need an UV protection, we offer additional solutions: 

a. with (slightly light blue) UV tint for reliable UV protection 

• The mask is available with a very bright tint , blocking UV radiation by 92% - medically completely sufficient for safe UV protection 
• still, the shading factor of this slight tint is 32% 
• in combination with the detachable sun protection mesh for additional shading a 100% UV protection is being achieved
Note: The UV mesh is not available for basic mask model "short snout" ! 

b. with dark sunscreen tint 

PO413UVSDiana_Schaller  vergleich_klar-dunkelgetont_klein

                                                                   Above picture: Comparison with dark tint - without tint

• the dark tint protects against bright (sun) light - equalling sun glasses for  photosensitive dog eyes 
• simultaneous UV protection up to 89% 
Note: Not suitable for use in the dark!


d. Individual types and sizes

The Optivizor comes in three types and each in different sizes:


Which OPTIVIZOR type fits which dog’s breed you can find here.


OPTIVIZOR for long snouted dogs.
(i.e. Sloghi and Greyhounds).

Comes in 3 different sizes: small, small-medium and medium.


OPTIVIZOR for short snouted dogs. 
(i.e. Boxer and Pug). 

Comes in 7 different sizes: toy, small, small-medium, medium, large and extra-large


OPTIVIZOR for normal snouted dogs.

Comes in 6 different sizes: toy, small, small-medium, medium, large and extra-large



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: contact


Here we show how to determine the correct size of mask

OPTIVIZOR - how to assemble correctly

How to assemble the OPTIVIZOR

fit and adjust OPTIVIZOR

Here we will guide you step by step to fit and adjust the OPTIVIZOR correctly.

OPTIVIZOR - Photo Gallery

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Effective vizor for dogs after eye or facial surgery and for general eye protection.

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