GRETA Tracker and Heat Warning

Temperature and speed detector with comprehensive locating system

THE universal LOCATION SYSTEM offers animal protection at the highest level !

GRETA is a tracking system that can do more than its competitors !




As soon as you have attached the tracker to the object to be secured, our app informs you reliably about its current position, battery status, speed and ambient temperature.


  • Motion History : The app stores all motion data of the used trackers. These can be called up at a later point in time, for example to trace the course and length of your dog's journey.
  • Geofencing: A geofence is the virtual enclosure of an area ("animal fence"). The GRETA app uses geofencing and contacts you by phone when your animal leaves or enters the defined areaDefine individual geofences and determine the times at which they are activated.
  • LED light: LED can be activated via app to help you see GRETA in the dark and find your pet faster.
  • 24-hour notification service: In an alarm situation, you will be notified by telephone - if you are not available, the second number you entered will automatically be used.
  • Highest locating accuracy: In practice, GRETA achieves an accuracy of 3 metres or better.
  • 3 navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS and GSM positioning. The combination of these three techniques makes it possible to locate even if the reception strength is low or has failed.
  • Network connection in up to 153 countries: With the integrated SIM card you can locate GRETA at almost any place in the world - and all for the maximum monthly package price of € 4.99 !

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But that's not all:

In addition to the locating function, GRETA offers other attractive functions and features that other locating products cannot provide:


You will be warned by telephone if the temperature in the locator exceeds or falls below the temperature set in the app. This should put an end to the times when hundreds of animals and even toddlers have to suffocate in overheated cars every year, because owners or parents "just go to the shop quickly" in the best of faith. Every animal owner is aware of the risk, but the speed at which the emergency occurs is completely underestimated. GRETA takes care of you!


If the locator exceeds a speed set in the app, you will be warned. For example, if someone tries to kidnap your pet in front of the supermarket with a car, you will be warned immediately by a phone call - and you won't notice the loss until you leave the store !


If you want to use GRETA to protect your suitcase: The automatic switch-off of wireless functions on take-off and landing not only complies with airline specifications, but also extends battery life for longer flights. GRETA is the only GPS tracker with automatic flight mode.   


GRETA is waterproof and completely protected against the penetration of dust by its ultrasonically welded shell. The dust- and waterproof housing protects the valuable interior and enables use in the temperature range from -20° to +60°C.




An LED light can be activated via app to help you see GRETA in the dark.



Consumption is reduced when GRETA is not in motion. Battery life with active use up to 5 days, in standby up to 24 days.



Due to the wireless charging, the housing is protected.




Overview of service fees

The service fee covers the costs for the mobile network and the 24-hour notification service, which will contact you by telephone in an alarm situation. When activating your tracker, you can choose one of the following packages:

Monthly payment - 4,99 € per month
6 months in advance - 4,59 € per month
12 months in advance - 4,19 € per month
24 months in advance - 3,79 € per month

> List of countries where GRETA can be used


Package contents:

1 GRETA GPS tracker
1 attachment sleeve for tracker: universally applicable for attachment to collar, harness, holster, belt etc.
1 charging station
1 5V power supply with USB cable and Euro plug for 100-240V socket
operating manual



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