Products for dogs


Eye Protection: The OPTIVIZOR

The OPTIVIZOR protects the eyes - for example after an operation or during risky deployments.

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Wound Protection: The NOVAGUARD

The NOVAGUARD will prevent your dog from licking or biting at any bandages or wounds on his body.

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GRETA Tracker and Heat Warning

The GRETA GPS device shows you live where your pet is. It also warns of overheating of the animal and can be used in over 150 countries


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DOG ARMOR Anti Parasite

DOG ARMOR products represent a totally new, innovative way of protecting dogs against parasites as flee, ticks, mite and many more. Initially invented for human protection, the textiles are effective and yet are safe to use, not harming the health of the dog or its owners.

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Anti-insects: TICKLESS

This is a new and smooth method to keep ticks and fleas off your animal: Ultrasonic impulses that are free of odor and sound scare insects off and thereby protect your dog. Especially fit for puppies, sick and old dogs aswell as pregnant or lactating bitches - and families with children !




Our product SWADDLE WRAP Pressure Wrap calms dogs in a variety of exciting situations like separation anxiety or transport, in a new environment, during thunderstorms and fireworks, and it helps dogs that are aggressive or hyperactive