The EQUIVIZOR Recovery eye protection is a mask for medical purposes. It can be worn unattended 24/7 and is therefore suitable for horses, that

  • suffer from uveitis (inflammation of the iris) 
  • have a habit of scratching their eyes 
  • need eye protection after eye treatment, injury or surgery
  • need permanent protection from UV radiation
  • suffer from periodic eye inflammation and whose eyes need continuous protection for long periods of time.



Recovery_new_CU1_klein  Recovery_new_CU2_klein

Above pictures: EQUVIZOR  Recovery with light UV-tint

The EQUIVIZOR eye protection is equipped with its own adjustable fastening straps and can be worn without a halter. The edge of the mask is lined with a soft material to prevent pressure points.

NEW: Special pads have been added to the mask for additional padding of the bridge of the nose and the halter, which are included in the price (note: pads not available for size "foal"). This prevents chafing even with frequent rubbing (e.g. in the case of periodic eye inflammation). The pads are made of fleece, are washable and can be retrofitted to existing masks (see "Horse accessories" in the shop).

Polster_gesamt_1  Polster_Nase2

Pictures above: Additional padding for nose bridge and halter

The mask is made of soft but firm PVC. Despite the outside corners, the horse cannot hurt itself or others with it. The material is flexible at temperatures from -20 degrees to +40 degrees. It cannot splinter.

ATTENTION: Sudden impacts at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius can cause cracks and breaks in the material. Wearing at these temperatures is therefore only recommended to a limited extent. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Equivizor Recovery Vizor design provides maximum protection to the eyes and prevents further injury during recovery from surgery.

Made in soft PVC it’s specific design gives the animal a maximum distance between mask and eyes. The wholes over the nose and on the forehead ensure a convenient climate under the mask. 

The mask is also obtainable in two different versions, both offering 92% UV-protection: 

- for UV-protection only: With a light blue tint; therefore, light shading factor is 32% only

- for UV and photosensitive protection ("sunglasses"): Dark tint resulting in high shading factor

EREC33UVS  vergleich_klar-dunkelgetont_klein

Above pictures: Dark tinted mask                                  Comparison dark tint versus no tint

The included mesh allows protection against UV-light and flies and increases the UV-protection to 100%. The mesh is easily fixed with a velcro fastener under the head and with a quick-release fastener behind the ears.


Above picture: Fly mesh is included  


The Equivizor Recovery comes in sizes  FOAL, PONY, COB , FULL and X/LARGE 

Replacement for fly mesh available in our shop, please see "horse accessories"


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Effective medical eye protection for horses is worn permanently and without supervision. Cannot be pressed in. Protects against contact, UV radiation and brightness after eye surgery or injury, in case of eye disease (including periodic eye inflammation).


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