Eye Protection : The EQUIVIZOR Recovery

This new design is for horses

  • suffering Uveitis 
  • recovering from eye surgery 
  • with habitual eye scratching  



The new, advanced version comes with its own variable attachment strips and can be worn without the standard halter :

Recovery_new_CU1_klein  Recovery_new_CU2_klein

Above pictures: EQUVIZOR  Recovery with light UV-tint

The Equivizor Recovery Vizor design provides maximum protection to the eyes and prevents further injury during recovery from surgery.

Made in soft PVC it’s specific design gives the animal a maximum distance between mask and eyes. The wholes over the nose and on the forehead ensure a convenient climate under the mask. 

The mask is also obtainable in two different versions, both offering 92% UV-protection: 

- for UV-protection only: With a light blue tint; therefore, light shading factor is 32% only

- for UV and photosensitive protection ("sunglasses"): Dark tint resulting in high shading factor

EREC33UVS  vergleich_klar-dunkelgetont_klein

Above pictures: Dark tinted mask                                  Comparison dark tint versus no tint

The included mesh allows protection against UV-light and flies and increases the UV-protection to 100%. The mesh is easily fixed with a velcro fastener under the head and with a quick-release fastener behind the ears.


Above picture: Fly mesh is included

The Equivizor Recovery comes in sizes  FOAL, PONY, COB , FULL and X/LARGE 

Replacement for fly mesh available in our shop, please see "horse accessories"


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How to use the EQUIVIZOR Recovery successfully

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Product no.: EREC

Efficient eye protection for horses including fly mesh. With lightly tinted PVC for 92% UV-protection and with a fly mesh. 

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