EQUIVIZOR Stabiliser

EQUIVIZOR Stabiliser

Stable and secure endoscopic measuring: The EQUIVIZOR Stabiliser

High performance horses may require specialized performance evaluations to diagnose problems. One such performance evaluation is the examination of the upper respiratory tract when the horse is in motion whilst using a high speed treadmill.

A Video endoscope is inserted in one nostril and stabilised with the use of the new Endoscope Stabiliser.

The Endoscope Stabiliser allows for a far more accurate reading when the Horse is travelling at high speeds on the treadmill.  Without the stabilizer rapid movement can result in the dislodgement of the Endoscope and an inaccurate reading, leading to inaccurate diagnosis.

The mask is also well suited to prevent the horse temporarily  from eating for medical reasons

The EQUIVIZOR Stabiliser is produced of 2 mm thick and flexible PVC that forms a mask around the horse’s nostrils. It is attached to a halter made of polypropylene webbing.


The EQUIVIZOR Stabiliser comes in sizes COB and FULL