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The Equivizor Recovery is for horses suffering Uveitis, recovering from eye surgery or habitual eye scratching. Made of soft, clear PVC. The mask is available in sizes foal, pony, cob, standard and extra large and includes a UV-resistant fly mesh for extra protection if desired. Klick on the above picture to see the fly mesh

tinted PVC for 92% UV-protection ; plus fly mesh. In this combination, the mask offers 100% UV protection.

Substitute for fly mesh see shop at EQUIVIZOR Fly Mask

No sales of this product to UK ! Please contact our UK partner at www.equivizor.co.uk

Selection: EQUIVIZOR Recovery

Product no. size UV ray protection Status Price
EREC30UV foal UV tint (slightly tinted)
184.23 € *
EREC31UV pony UV tint (slightly tinted)
184.23 € *
EREC32UV cob UV tint (slightly tinted)
193.99 € *
EREC33UV full UV tint (slightly tinted)
193.99 € *
EREC34UV extra Large UV tint (slightly tinted)
203.73 € *
EREC30UVS foal dark tinted
193.99 € *
EREC31UVS pony dark tinted
193.99 € *
EREC32UVS cob dark tinted
203.73 € *
EREC33UVS full dark tinted
203.73 € *
EREC34UVS extra Large dark tinted
213.47 € *
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