OPTIVIZOR Eye Protection

OPTIVIZOR Eye Protection[1]

The OPTIVIZOR is a visor for cats. It protects the eyes from touch, dirt, wind and UV rays

Initially designed for dogs, the OPTIVIZOR is well suitedf for cats.

PLEASE NOTE: Wearing an OPTIVIZOR cats should not be allowed outside; or they could get stuck with the mask not able to free themselves.




It is well suited for cats, which had

  • an eye or facial surgery
  • an eye infection or other ophthalmological problems and illnesses
  • are photo- or UV-sensitive 
  • are blind 


This is how your cat is being protected:


a. Flexible and strong material

The OPTIVIZOR is made of 1-2mm clear soft PVC; this

  • prevents the cat's eyes from blows and dirt
  • allows the Optivizor to adapt to your cat’s head easily
  • allows your cat its full sight for his convenience


b. Optimal function

The colored head rest has been ergonomically designed

  • to form around the curvature of the cat’s head ensuring greater comfort and stability
  • so the OPTIVIZOR is always kept in a correct distance to the cat’s eyes
  • to allow an ideal ventilation
  • so its color defines the mask size for easy identification
  • the cat’s ears are kept outside the mask, therefore
  • enabling the cat to hear unrestricted and without an echo
  • the ears don’t overheat and therefore prevent yeast infections
  • the entire mask moves with the cat's head and does not flop about
  • the neck strap of the Optivizor can be adjusted individually


c. UV- and light protection

For cats with photosensitive eyes and those who need an UV protection, we offer additional solutions: 

a. with (slightly light blue) UV tint for reliable UV protection 

• The mask is available with a very bright tint , blocking UV radiation by 92% - medically completely sufficient for safe UV protection 
• still, the shading factor of this slight tint is 32% 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: contact

> sizing guide

> buy now  IMPORTANT: The OPTIVIZOR  is also fit for dogs. When ordering in the shop, please note that only product numbers POP01 to POP04 are fit for cats. Consult our sizing guide to determine the size for your cat


Here we show how to determine the correct size of mask

OPTIVIZOR - how to apply correctly

How to fit the OPTIVIZOR to your cat

OPTIVIZOR - Photo Gallery

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Effective vizor for dogs after eye or facial surgery and for general eye protection.

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