TickLess Anti-Insects

TickLess Anti-Insects

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This small electronic device, in the form of a pendant to be attached to a collar, is the ideal solution to keep ticks and fleas away from dogs and cats, in a totally ecological way and without contraindications of any kind.

Completely non-toxic, TickLess Pet releases no chemi- cal substances and no odours, but works by emitting a serious of ultrasound impulses that are harmless and imperceptible for both humans and animals, however disturb ticks and fleas, repelling them from pets and keeping them away (prevention). Particularly suitable for animals weakened by illness, for puppies and kit- tens, for senior pets and expectant, nursing females.

The effectiveness of TickLess is proven by well-known quality and technological certificates such as CE and TÜV.
The device has undergone detailed scientific tests by the University of Camerino in Italy.
It has an operating range of about 1,5 meters and is using a lithium-ion battery that has a life of 9-10 months.
TickLess is available in colors black, brown, white, orange and pink
The product is produced in Italy.
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