Head protection during transports: The EQUIVIZOR Transport

Each year many horses get killed and thousands become injured due to the dangers associated with transporting. Injuries range from the minor to life threatening.

Still others end up as wall climbers or scramblers and suffer intense fear of being travelled.

The Transporting Vizor prevents injuries to the head and eyes during transport by cushioning and protecting the head from any impact during floating.  




The EQUIVIZOR Transport Vizor is made up of three components:

The outer shell is a 13mm thick Low Density High Impact absorbing EVA. ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).

Furthermore an internal structure consisting of a network of  25mm x 35 mm strips of high impact absorbing, low density foam; and a Heavy Duty Halter ensuring a tight and secure fit on the horse’s head.

Its innovative design with holes at the forehead and sides allows a steady ventilation. The horse’s ears are outside the mask ensuring greater comfort and stability.

The EQUIVIZOR Transport is available in four different sizes : Foal, Pony, Cob and Full


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The EQUIVIZOR Transport was designed to protect the horse during transports of any kind. Wearing this mask prevents from injuries when shying or falling.

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