Effective protection against flies: The EQUIVIZOR Fly Mask

The Equivizor Fly Mask is the most suitable solution for the constant issue of insect irritation to your horse.


When measuring your horse for the Equivizor™ fly mask, please see our guidelines on the website. The Equivizor™ sizing is different than traditional fly masks. If your horse measurement is in between two of our sizes, we advise you to go down in size not up. The reason for this is, if it is too big the Vizor portion of the mask across the forehead will be too wide. If it is too wide, then the Vizor portion would form a “V” or crowning effect which would allow flies to get in from the top.

Fly Mask Basic:

The Fly Mask is truly unique sitting up off the horses face, preventing folding onto the eye and ensuring greater comfort due to its three cantilever, holding the mask in position. It is washable, durable and lightweight. Additionally the EVA lining acts as a barrier against the heat of the sun while promoting a suitable level of airflow around the eye region, this soft EVA lining prevents laceration of the cornea, insulates the forehead and shades the eyes - which prevents headshaking with photosensitive horses. Three strategically located darts create a cantilever to lift the EVA liner and the outer mesh. Naturally, only UV proof PVC mesh is used in the construction of the Fly Mask. A thick 3 mm, soft EVA lining on the underside offers maximum protection from the brow line to just above the eyes.

These highly ventilated, protective shields are the finest Fly Masks available.

Fly Mask with Nose Flap:
The EQUIVIZOR Fly Mask also offers a nose flap with an EVA liner for protecting sensitive noses from sunburn. The lining also avoids nose flap from lifting during windy days. If you purchased our mask with the Nose flap protection option and your horse is fairly rough on their masks, then this style may not be a solution for your horse because our nose flap is made of a solid soft EVA lining and with that said it is heavier than traditional fly masks that are only mesh on the nose. Our nose flap actually provides 100% Sun block but if your horse’s environment is such that they often get caught or rub against on things such as tree branches, barb wire fencing etc., then they can rip the nose flap section off easier than a light weight less UV protected mask

Fly_Mask_Nose_7_CU_klein  Fly_mask_nose_flap_inside_klein


Fly mask with Ears:

Made of soft, thin material to save equine ears, it leaves an extra, overlapping opening for the mane to stick out.



Fly mask with Eras and nose protection:




The EQUIVIZOR Fly Mask comes in sizes Mini, Pony, Cob, Full and ExtraLarge.

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Highly efficient fly mask to protect against insects, sun and light. Available also with nose flap,  with ear protection and with nose- plus ear protection. Available in fours sizes: Foal, pony, cob, full

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