Calming for your horse

This sedative gel is the development of the French Irsea Institute and is produced by a licensee under its own name. The previous licensee (“EQUANIMITY”) has ceased production. The new licensee now markets the identical product under a different name: SECURE HORSE FLASH.

This revolutionary product calms the animal in all difficult situations and prevents and treats behavioral disorders in horses. SECURE HORSE FLASH®, an innovative equine health product, is the first and only semi-chemical replica of the mare’s maternal olfactory signal. The gel is applied below the nostrils. The horse perceives the olfactory signals immediately. One unit of the gel (one pack strip) is effective for up to two hours.

SECURE HORSE FLASH® is a patented, synthetic replica of the maternal odor signal emitted by the mare to calm the animal and prevent and treat equine behavioral disorders.

SECURE HORSE FLASH® can be used preventively or as part of a therapy. A patented synthetic replica of maternal chemical signals, SECURE HORSE FLASH® creates a calming atmosphere for your horse.

Whether they live in the wild or are domesticated, horses are often subject to physical and psychological stress. Overreactions are known to occur in horses even when there is no danger – and this physical and psychological stress can lead to pathological behavior and phobias.

Early detection and treatment is essential to maintaining the horse’s health and performance. As soon as a state of fear is noticed, it is important that the horse regains its composure as quickly as possible.

Semi-chemistry is the chemical communication method between living things. These signals provide direct access to an individual’s emotional and physiological state.

This principle is now confirmed and the effectiveness of semi-chemistry is recognized worldwide. Read the detailed test report of an independent horse trainer HERE.

Ina Reuter, veterinarian, specializing in horses, shows how effectively she uses EQUANIMITY / SECURE HORSE FLASH:

Another example where EQUANIMITY / SECURE HORSE FLASH is used:

For professionals:

The list of ingredients is conceivably short: They are

  • the carrier gel consisting of water, glycerine,antioxidant and preservative (to ensure shelf life) and
  • the copied “odor drop” of the maternal pheromone. Its creation is as secret as that of a perfume and is the result of the intensive research of the manufacturer.

This means that SECURE HORSE FLASH® has fewer ingredients than any moisturizer, because it is not supposed to penetrate the skin at all (on the contrary!), but to stay under the nostrils as long as possible to release the scent. That is why it is also used for teeth cleaning (and then also saves the sedation with all its ingredients !!) and is approved for sport horses, e.g. in competition or during transport for calming: Because unlike usual sedatives, it does not act chemically on the body, but activates the unconscious memory in the horse’s brain, which knows this smell from the mother mare as calming.

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