Horse UV fly repellent

This new mask SOLAR VIZOR from the house EQUIVIZOR protects particularly versatile:

  • High quality, durable and innovative design that provides maximum UV eye protection!
  • Solid, durable EVA lining in the top half of the Solar Vizor for complete sunlight protection and 100% UV eye protection!
  • Excellent protection from flies, insects and harmful UV rays!
  • Protects against sunburn and helps prevent cancer
  • Unique “all around band” design keeps the mask away from the eyes – resulting in higher acceptance by the horse
  • the flexible “all-around band” keeps the mask in shape – even after rolling around
  • MEDICAL PROTECTION for horses with photosensitivity, head shake syndrome, cataracts, etc.
  • Quick release clip system with safety breaking points allows for customization
  • Available in sizes foal, pony, thoroughbred, warmblood and extra large

The SOLAR VIZOR mask is suitable for UV-sensitive horses whose eyes should experience as little contact as possible. It is therefore a middle ground between the EQUIVIZOR eye protection and the EQUIVIZOR fly mask.

What our customers say about EQUIVIZOR SOLAR VIZOR