Horse riding goggles

Well protected horse eyes during games, sports and rides

The eVysor riding goggles allow maximum protection of sensitive horse eyes when riding or doing sports. It protects from wind, sand, touch, brightness, UV radiation and insects. The ergonomic design allows for a snug fit that remains stable even when the horse is moving a lot. The eVysor is therefore suitable for all equestrian sports – from riding on the beach to polo. The different available tints of the mask also allow its use as UV protection or for headshaking.

IMPORTANT: The eVysor may only be worn under supervision! The mask is not suitable for unsupervised use, e.g. for medical reasons, as the mask may shift or be removed if the horse tries to itch its eyes! If your horse needs a medical mask for unattended permanent use, we recommend our EQUIVIZOR eye protection.

The eVysor is available in only one size, which is suitable from (large) riding pony over Cob to Warmblood. The glasses are therefore not available for pony or cold blood. The holsters are made of elastic material and individually adjustable. The neck halter is put on and the goggles are closed under the head. The frame of the eVysor is made of padded, elastic rubber and has limited flexibility:

The “glasses”/lenses consist of differently tinted flexible plastic lenses and can be easily exchanged or replaced. All lenses offer 100% UV protection. The lenses are available in the following tints, which are purely cosmetic and do not imply any functional limitation.

(% = light transmission)

A. crystal clear. 98.08%, suitable for wind, dust, insect, touch and UV protection.
B. blue, mirrored, 42.63 %, suitable as A. plus medium brightness protection
C. orange, mirrored, 46.28 %, suitable as B.
D. dark, 10.45 %, suitable as A. plus strong brightness protection; especially suitable for headshakers


Note: UV protection for all lenses: 100%.

The lenses can be interchanged at any time and at will, as the frame is universal for all lenses. Here we show how the exchange is performed:

Replacement lenses can be found in our store, linked below under “Buy accessories”.

eVysor Reitbrille

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