EQUIVIZOR fly protection
Instructions for use

  • The three “triangles” in the front area of the mask may have been dented during transport. Please make sure to push them out after you unpack the fly mask.
  • The wrinkles in the mask that may have been caused by the packaging will quickly smooth out due to your horse’s body heat. However, if they remain stubborn, remove the mask from the horse and gently heat the folds with a hair dryer. This way they can be smoothed out.
  • Adjust the halter of the mask when your horse is standing upright. This is because if you attach the mask with the animal’s head forward and lowered, it will be too loose when the horse stands up. Then the horse could get caught somewhere with the mask or strip it off. We recommend that you observe your pet for a while when it first wears the mask. This ensures that the mask fits properly in all situations.
  • After you adjust the mask’s halter, it should fit snugly – no more than one finger should fit between them. Then cut the remaining ends of the halters and seal them with a little glue or wax. Overhanging halters are a favorite toy for other horses. You could tear your horse’s mask off like that. For this reason, halter ends that are too long should not simply be folded and hidden in the mask!
    Once the mask has been fitted, we strongly recommend cutting off the excessively long ends of the ribs. Seal the ends with wax, glue or similar. Pull the end of the strap through the clip again so that it is now on the inside of the face:
  • If the mask is too close to the horse’s eyes or the eyelashes are touching the mask, it is either too small or you have buckled the top halter too short. Then lengthen the neck halter slightly so that the lined forehead area of the mask sits lower. The horse should look out from under the brow area the way we humans do under a basball cap. If the forehead area of the mask sits too high, it touches the eyelashes and the eyes are no longer shaded.
  • The quick-release fasteners are also designed to open under excessive tension. In the event that your horse gets stuck somewhere with the mask, it can free itself with appropriate traction. That is intentional. You can get replacement closures HERE via our store. The way the closures are made allows maximum flexibility in fitting the mask to the horse’s head. If a clip does not close reliably, it usually turns out that the smaller closure part was twisted. Re-thread it after turning it over once. It should then hold reliably.
  • Clean the mask regularly and inspect your horse’s eyes and face. The mask is cleaned with mild soapy water (eg, dishwashing liquid). Make sure that the mask is rinsed out well afterwards so that no soap residue gets into the horse’s eyes!

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EQUIVIZOR fly protection