Horse fly repellent

Proven protection from the land of flies – the EQUIVIZOR fly mask.

The Australian manufacturer EQUIVIZOR knows its stuff: This mask is clearly different from comparable products.

The EQUIVIZOR fly mask is made of durable, UV resistant PVC fabric that retains its shape even when exposed to heat. The front edge of the mask is reinforced with a wide strip of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate – a very high quality foam). This ensures the fit of the mask and at the same time shades the eyes. This additional eye shading is an effective measure against HEADSHAKING ! Three “wedge” seams in the forehead area keep the mask away from the eye and ensure good ventilation. Stable fit is guaranteed even in windy conditions, because the strip of EVA reinforces it.

The Velcro closure under the chin and the adjustable neck and neck strap with quick release fastener allow for a customized and snug fit.

To determine the right size for your horse, we give you the instructions in our sizing guide here. Please note the, because the EQUIVIZOR masks are measured differently than usual.

Fly mask base
Standard model (without nostrils or ear protection)

Fly mask with nostril protection
The nipple protector is also made of PVC fabric, reinforced with a wide strip of EVA. Thus, the nostril protection does not fly open even in strong winds. It also provides additional shading for sun and UV sensitive horse noses (100% UV and sun protection). It is firmly sewn to the mask.

Fly mask with ear protection
The soft, breathable cloth to protect the ears is firmly sewn to the mask and also fits tightly at the opening for the mane

Fly mask with ear and nostril protection
In case of heavy insect infestation or for sensitive animals there is the mask with ear and nostril protection and the already described advantages

The EQUIVIZOR fly mask is manufactured in the sizes: Foal, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood and extra large.

What our customers say about EQUVIZOR fly protection