EQUIVIZOR eye protection
Size determination

How to determine the correct mask size

Determination of the horse’s forehead size:
These are 3 combined measurements, NOT one sheet!

Face measurement

  1. Start at the outer corner of one eye and measure UP at a slight angle to the center of the forehead
  2. Continue along the forehead of your horse
  3. Finish the measurement by moving the slightly slanted line DOWN to the outer angle of the other eye.
    This way, the widest part of your horse’s forehead will be measured if you do it right.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT measure directly over the eyes as the distance will give a size that is most likely too small for your horse.

Table size determination

If your horse is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger mask, not the smaller one! (Please note: with the fly masks/Solar Vizor it is the other way round!)

If your horse is to wear the eye protection mask with the (nose) pad, which can be ordered separately, please use the size chart below:

Table size determination

The size chart should be used as a guide to find the best size for your horse. The table is not a guarantee of fit.