Horse eye protection

EQUIVIZOR eye protection is a mask for medical purposes. It can be worn unattended around the clock and therefore suitable for horses that, for example.

  • suffer from uveitis (inflammation of the iris)
  • have the habit of scratching their eyes
  • need eye protection after eye treatment, injury or surgery
  • need permanent protection from UV radiation
  • Suffer from periodic ocular inflammation and whose eyes need to be protected continuously for prolonged periods of time.
  • cannot tolerate bright light (e.g. after administration of atropine)

The EQUIVIZOR eye protection is equipped with its own adjustable fastening straps and can be worn without a halter. The edge of the mask is lined with a soft material to prevent pressure points. The eye protection comes with a matching fly mask, which is included in the price.

The mask can be supplemented with special pads for additional padding of the bridge of the nose and the halter, which are available as accessories (note: pads not available for size “foal”). This prevents chafing even with frequent pushing (e.g., periodic eye inflammation). The pads are made of fleece, are washable and can be retrofitted to existing masks.

The mask is made of soft but strong PVC. Despite the outside corners, the horse can not hurt himself or others with it. The material is pliable at temperatures from -20 degrees to +40 degrees. It can not splinter.

CAUTION: Sudden impacts at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius can cause cracks and fractures in the material. Wearing at these temperatures is therefore only recommended to a limited extent. Please contact us if you have any questions

The mask fits comfortably to the head while ensuring maximum distance from the eye. Their specific design with forehead and nose holes allows maximum ventilation, which is very important for a successful healing process. The design allows uncomplicated donning and doffing of the mask. The UV protective tint blocks UV radiation by 92%.

The mask is available in two different shades:

  • with UV protection only: it is a light blue tint, almost indistinguishable from an untinted mask. The shading factor is therefore only 32%. This can be increased by wearing the supplied eye protection net at the same time.
  • with UV and light protection tint (“sunglasses”): The tint of the mask is dark and therefore provides high BRIGHTNESS protection. This mask is suitable for horses that are sensitive to BRIGHT light (eye pinching and watery eyes; e.g. also with continuous administration of atropine). Since the horse can hardly see anything with it in the evening, the mask should be taken off at dark. Again, UV protection can be further increased by wearing the included flyscreen net at the same time.

For further protection from light as well as additional protection from flies serves the supplied fly net. It increases the UV protection factor to 100% .

The net can be easily applied over the mask; to do this, it is attached with Velcro under the head and a quick-release fastener behind the ears. Even for light-sensitive animals, the mask then offers the desired protection in the combination of tint and supplied fly net.

The mask EQUIVIZOR eye protection is available in sizes foal, pony, thoroughbred , warmblood and extra large.

Please be sure to follow our instructions for use to ensure successful application of the mask!

The opinion of the veterinarian Dr. Julia HÄRTEL about this mask in picture and sound:

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