Size determination

How to determine the correct OPTIVIZOR mask size/variant for your dog:

Step 1

The first criterion for the correct mask design is the snout type = head shape.
A distinction is made between:

short muzzle = broad, rounded skull (e.g. Rottweiler, Boxer, Bully)
long muzzle = very thin, long skull (sighthound breeds, e.g. Galgo)
normal muzzle = rather narrow skull (e.g. Dachshund, Labrador, Great Dane)

Not sure what type of muzzle your dog has? Use our list of breeds linked to the right for orientation.

Step 2

The second criterion is the head/skull measurement, which is used to determine the appropriate mask size.

A. For dogs with normal or long muzzle (if short muzzle, skip and go to B.):
Think of a line down the back of the dog’s neck from base of ear to base of ear. Note: The line runs BEHIND the ears (see Fig. 1). From the CENTER of this line, measure to the tip of the dog’s nose. Caution: Do not follow the shape of the face, but measure the shortest distance, e.g. with a ruler (see Fig. 2).

For normal-nosed dogs, now use the chart below to determine the correct mask size for your dog.

For long-nosed dogs, use the chart below to determine the correct mask size for your dog.

Fig. 1: Head length measurement
Fig. 1: Head length measurement
Fig. 2: Measurement of the head lenght
Fig. 2: Measurement of head lambda

B. For dogs with short muzzle:
Note: Determining the correct size for dogs with a short muzzle is somewhat difficult because the breeds involved often have different breeding lines and thus very different head shapes (Pug, French Bulldog !). Also, the head-to-body ratio is often very different. For this reason, the head circumference is measured – it gives the most reliable indication of size.
Measure the circumference of the dog’s head at the thickest point = just in front of the ears (forehead) , under the jaw and back. Apply the tape measure normally, do not pull it tight.

Then use the chart below for short-nosed dogs to determine the correct mask size.

Step 3

The weight can be used as an additional criterion for determining the mask size.
Use the weight of your dog as known to you(normal weight, please disregard over/underweight) for comparative sizing according to. table below:

* Please contact us !

Step 4

You should now be able to choose “Muzzle Type” and “Size” options. In the ordering process, the only thing missing is the selection of the UV protection visor tint.

NOTE: Since dogs come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, using the sizing instructions may result in two different mask sizes for your dog according to the charts. PLEASE CONTACT US.

Still not sure? Our size advice

If you have any problems with sizing or are unsure, contact us by phone for a sizing consultation and email us the required key data using the contact form linked below.

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