Size determination

How to determine the right mask for your dog

Note: The masks are clearly too long. They are shortened individually depending on where the dog is not allowed (see instructions for use)

Step 1

How to determine the size of the head:
Think of a line from one ear of the dog to the other.

Attention: The line runs BEHIND the ears (see picture 1)

Step 2

Perform measurement:
From the CENTER of this line, measure to the tip of the dog’s nose.

Caution: Do not follow the shape of the face, but measure the shortest distance, e.g. with a ruler (see Fig. 2).

Now use the first chart below to determine the correct mask size for your dog.

Due to the narrow head and the length of the snout, other measurements apply here. Please refer to the following separate table. For orientation: Galgos Espangnol of average size usually need size “small/medium”, Greyhounds and larger Galgos also need “medium”. Wind chimes usually fit the mask “extra small”.

Note: The masks have excess length and are therefore usually long enough for Galgos !

Step 3

Determine final size:
The WEIGHT of your dog is ultimately critical to choosing the correct size, because the body and head are in a certain proportion. But: please choose NORMAL weight (=what he should weigh), not underweight or overweight !

Then, based on the weight of your dog, check the second table to see which mask is suitable for the animal. Since dogs come in all different sizes and shapes, it may happen that according to the tables, there are two different mask sizes for your dog. Then please choose the smaller one.

Still not sure? Our size advice

If you have any problems with sizing or are unsure, contact us by phone for a sizing consultation or email us the required key data using the contact form linked below .

In principle, we are also willing to send you additional masks for fitting free of charge, provided that you subsequently return the ones you do not need to us as soon as possible and AT YOUR COST.

In any case, please also leave your telephone number so that we can reach you at short notice in case of queries and so that there is no delay in delivery. We will reply as soon as possible with our size recommendation.

YOU CAN ALSO CALL US to help you choose the size:

MO-FR 9h to 22h, SA/SO 11h to 18h

Tel: 07644 9266095

Photos are often helpful as well. If you have any meaningful photos, you can send them to us by e-mail.

Fig. 1: Head length measurement
Fig. 1: Head length measurement
Fig. 2: Measurement of the head lenght
Fig. 2: Head length measurement