Instructions for use

General notes

One thing in advance: dog heads are so diverse and so different that each mask would actually have to be produced individually. Since this would be neither feasible nor affordable, Provizor has a different approach: The NOVAGUARD is designed for maximum customization – allowing high flexibility and affordable product prices. So please don’t expect a NOVAGUARD to always have the perfect fit right away – it can’t be. Here we give fitting tips – we are also happy to advise you by phone, if you send us 3-4 photos of your dog with mask (from different perspectives) to . We are available on weekdays from 9h-22h and on Sundays and holidays from 11h.18h under 07644 92 66 095

IMPORTANT notes – please be sure to observe:

ANIMALS ALSO WANT TO UNDERSTAND! …and no one knows better than us pet owners how well they can do it ! Yet sometimes we forget to explain something new to them as well – yes, simply with our language like with a child!

For example, it happens again and again that the dogs of our customers get their new NOVAGURAD lick protector “just put on” – after the surgery or even during the fitting; and often the natural reaction is: defense! Especially when the dogs are also blind and can’t even see what’s happening. Therefore:

  • Before putting the mask on for the first time, please let the dog sniff it thoroughly and rub its face on it; – TELL the dog what the mask is good for.
  • for blind dogs: One imagines besides the dog with the mask on the head intensively
  • Put the mask in the dog’s basket so that he gets used to the idea.
  • later repeat above and THEN REPLACE FIRST
  • while praising the dog very much and tell him how smart he looks
  • try to let the dog look at himself in the mirror – but do not force him!
  • blind dogs always also tell what you are doing !

And DON’T FORGET: Promise him his favorite treat as a reward for his cooperation!

Set up correctly

Here you will find a detailed description of the criteria according to which a NOVAGUARD can be judged as suitable for the animal:

This NOVAGUARD fits Lennox perfectly:

  • the spacer is located in the center or middle third of the forehead area and keeps the mask at the correct, fixed distance from the eyes and nose
  • there is enough space in front of the ears
  • the length was shortened to just before the tip of the nose
  • The NOVAGUARD sits firmly and does not wobble

There must also be a finger’s width of space behind the ears, as here with Taiko, the NOVAGUARD must not cut in:

The spacer must fit the curve of the head well and occupy about two-thirds of the width of the head, as can be seen clearly on Diana. If the spacer protrudes laterally, the mask is too large; if a “cavity” forms under the spacer, the NOVAGUARD is too small.

There must also be enough space between the ears:

Over time, the spacer can “sink” a little – but this is not a problem, the material has then only further adapted.


A video guide to customization:


When you put the mask on the dog for the first time, make sure: the mask must be closed so tightly at the neck that the dog cannot take it off to the front ! If he succeeds once, he will try again and again.
IMPORTANT ! Loose neck and throat fur must not be trapped under the NOVGUARD; otherwise it will push in all directions with the fur and will not fit tightly. After closing the Velcro fastener, hold the mask firmly with one hand and pull the fur out towards the back and chest.


Please observe first how the dog behaves with the NOVAGUARD. Does he have a loose neck fur and can push it back? Is he particularly agile and can get everywhere (greyhound breeds !) ? Occasionally, dogs find a way to “get around” it despite a sufficiently long mask – then an already shortened mask is quickly too short.

Zac carries the NOVAGUARD “pushed backwards”, e.g. by pushing it onto the floor and pushing it slightly backwards. This NOVAGUARD is therefore probably too loose around the neck (!) and has already been shortened too much….

Mahou’s size and fit are just right and the mask is very long in front of the muzzle. You can also see a lot of loose fur on his neck, which is piled up behind the mask towards his back. It was correctly pulled out from under the red neck area of the NOVAGUARD.


Our patented masks were invented in Australia and are imported from there. This also means some financial effort, which we not only want to keep as small as possible (= lowest possible transport weight and low customs duties) but at the same time also want to keep the prices low, so that financially weaker buyers and animal welfare organizations can also afford the product.

The manufacturer Provizor is absolutely willing and able to also comprehensively reline the masks – however, this would drive up the prices considerably. We would like to avoid that, especially since most dogs have such a thick coat that they don’t need any under padding. Most dogs have a thick fur and therefore a natural under padding of the mask. For dogs with too thin fur, we recommend self-help if necessary, e.g. by lining with sponge rubber, wrapping with absorbent cotton plus soft crepe tape or taping with Leukoplast.

Cheap foam rubber – already cut into strips – you can get e.g. HERE at (


If the dog has a very broad head, only insert the side strip into the first three slits – the ear cut-out will then be larger when you put it on. Once the correct position has been found, the side strips should be “braided” through as many slits as possible. Make sure that the colored side stripe ALWAYS ENDS OUTSIDE! The side strips must be inserted in at least three slots. In this case, and if your pet puts a lot of strain on the mask (e.g. large young or very lively dogs), we recommend additionally securing the side strip (if necessary with a rivet through the thicker end of the side strip).


If the NOVAGUARD is the right size but cuts in a little under the neck, the edge can be carefully cut out and thus extended (dashed line). Then file the cut edge smooth or tape it with Leukoplast.

> NOVAGUARD assembly

Here we show you on FLICKR how the Novaguard is put together – or how it can be taken apart in reverse order after use and stored completely flat.

You will receive the masks pre-assembled, ready to put on. However, if you ever want to stow them flat or take them in your luggage, we show you on YOUTUBE how you need to be mounted again.


Here we show FL I CKR more views of the innovative Novaguard – the mask as a wearer-friendly alternative to the neck collar.