Lick protection for your dog

The NOVAGUARD lick guard combines the high safety of a funnel with the ease of wearing “soft” products: It is an excellent alternative, because the dog is prevented from licking wounds on the body or nibbling on bandages with the greatest possible freedom of movement.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this: your unfortunate dog has to walk around with a huge collar that hinders him and, by the way, ruins your furniture.

This does not have to be: Now there is NOVAGUARD lick protection:

  • Have you heard? With NOVAGUARD, the ears are outside – unlike with funnels, the dog does not hear an echo, can scratch its ears, does not get painful permanent pressure on the ears and they do not overheat either
  • the NOVAGUARD has a very tight radius and allows the dog to run comfortably through narrow passages and around corners without getting stuck – and this also protects your furniture!
  • due to its intelligent design the NOVAGUARD sits firmly on the head, does not slip and does not disturb the animal by uncontrolled “wiggling around
  • … this makes the NOVAGUARD especially ideal for dogs with long necks – e.g. Galgo, Greyhound, Doberman, etc. – because it stays on the head and does not slip onto the shoulders.
  • due to its optimal fit on the head, the NOVAGUARD allows the dog to use the full field of vision
  • with the NOVAGUARD the dog has its full freedom of movement of the head – for eating, playing and sleeping
  • the NOVAGUARD is put on with a Velcro fastener for a perfect fit and does not require a dog collar for this purpose
  • the NOVAGUARD is available in six different sizes – from “mini” for very small dogs to “extra large” for the heavier breeds (see sizing)
  • the NOVAGUARD comes in excess length and is shortened as needed on the outer edge with scissors. Several grooves pre-cut for this purpose allow this in an uncomplicated way
  • the NOVAGUARD is made of polypropylene and is very easy to clean with a gentle detergent if necessary
And this is what veterinarian Marco Nieburg, Sassnitz, says about the NOVAGUARD:

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