High quality protection products for dogs

The protection of your dog comes first. With the reliable dog protection articles of our online store, safety and security can be provided in various situations. In the development of the innovative protection needs for dogs, the special needs of the animals were taken into account. The thoughtful and qualitative workmanship of the dog protective gear ensures high wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

Our product OPTIVIZOR is a visor for dogs. The OPTIVIZOR protects the eyes – for example, for dogs that have had eye or facial surgery, are blind or are needed for special operations, such as police dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs or search and tracking dogs.

Our product NOVAGUARD serves as a lick protection – it is the new, animal-friendly alternative to ruffs and collars. With the greatest possible freedom of movement, the animal is prevented from licking wounds on the body or nibbling on bandages.