Eye protection for your cat

An efficient eye protection for cats: Our product OPTIVIZOR eye protection is suitable for cats that have had eye or face surgery, are blind, are needed for risky security operations. Originally developed for dogs, the OPTIVIZOR is increasingly being used for cats when they would otherwise have to wear a neck funnel.

Please note that a cat with a mask should be kept indoors, otherwise it could get stuck outside with the mask and not free itself. This applies here just as it does to the throat funnel!

Thus, your cat will be optimally protected:

a. Flexible, strong material

OPTIVIZOR eye protection is made of 1 mm thick, transparent and flexible PVC

  • that protects cat eyes and face from bumps and dirt
  • it thus optimally adapts to the shape of the head of your cat
  • and allows a full field of view so that your cat can orient itself normally

b. Optimal function

The colored spacer on the forehead of the cat enables various functions due to its intelligent design:

  • it ensures that the optivizor is always fixed and at the correct distance from the eyes
  • at the same time the spacer ensures good ventilation under the visor
  • its color indicates the size of the mask
  • the ears of the cat are outside the visor, so that it does not have to accept any restriction in hearing or scratching
  • the ears can not overheat, do not bend and mite formation is prevented 
  • the mask has a tight fit, close to the head and can not slip
  • the chin and neck straps can be additionally adjusted individually 

c. UV and light protection

For cats with light sensitive eyes and those that need UV protection, we offer the OPTIVIZOR with (light blue) UV tint for reliable UV protection as an additional solution:

  • the mask is available with a very light tint, which blocks UV radiation by 92% – medically completely sufficient for safe UV protection
  • the shading factor of this only light tint is 32% nevertheless

What our customers say about the OPTIVIZOR