Size determination

We will be happy to advise you in determining the correct size! MO-FR 9h – 22h and SA/SO 11h – 18h, Tel:

Tel 07663 607 2905

We are also prepared to send you additional masks to try on free of charge, provided you return the ones you do not need to us as soon as possible and AT YOUR COST. In any case, please also leave your telephone number so that we can reach you at short notice in case of queries and so that there is no delay in delivery. Thank you very much!

For cats, there are basically two different sizes:

1st size “mini” (PN403a)

This size is suitable for most adult cats of normal size. The weight of your cat is up to 6 kg (normal weight). The mask is dark blue and must always be shortened at the front.

PN403Cat small

2. size “extra small” (PN404a)

This slightly larger NOVAGUARD is suitable for very large cats or male cats. The animal has a significantly larger and stronger head than the average domestic cat. Breeds with a lot of head fur (Maine Coon etc.) often need this size. This mask size has the color yellow.



A good fit is important for the correct functioning of the mask and thus gives your cat the opportunity to quickly get used to the Novaguard.

When putting on the NOVAGUARD, make sure that the neck strap is tight, because if the mask can be shaken, the cat will be less likely to accept it. Depending on your cat’s temperament, you can loosen the strap again once the mask has been accepted.