Insect protection collar for your cat

The BIO PROTECTO collars are another way to protect your pet from parasites in a health-friendly way. Unlike the classic “chemical clubs” that direct their nerve toxin into your pet’s bloodstream, thus poisoning the biting parasite, BIO PROTECTO is a natural product and works by repelling odors for parasites. These are only discreetly perceived by dogs, cats and humans and are perceived as pleasant and do not pose any health hazard. On the contrary – the oils contained have additional areas of action: Cedar oil has protective, moisturizing and nourishing effect, and thus also reduces shedding, while geranium oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Overall, this combination of gentle essential oils is a natural barrier against parasites such as tick, flea & Co.

NOTE: Most essential oils are toxic to cats. However, the origin of the base materials, the type of processing and ultimately the method of presentation are all important. Geranium oil is also used, for example, in aromatherapy for cats – it calms and reduces stress. The two oils used here are not harmful and have been processed so that they do not bother cats even as a smell. Do not use for cats if there should be a sensitivity to any of the oils contained.

Thus, the collars can also be used for animals with particularly sensitive skin, sick, old or pregnant and nursing cats. Available in different sizes: For adult cats as well as for kittens.

The active ingredients are released slowly, which makes the collar effective for about 2 months. The product is water resistant and does not need to be removed if your pet comes into contact with water.

Application: Gently pull and stretch the collar to activate the active ingredients. Put the collar on the animal, fasten it so that it can not be stripped. Cut off the protruding remainder. Do not use for cats if there should be a sensitivity to any of the oils contained. Storage at 2 to 25 degrees Celsius

BIO PROTECTO collar cat


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