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Durable and innovative fly mask that provides 100% UV protection!

Please measure your horse (see sizing). Each manufacturer has its own definition, which masses determine a size (eg warmblood), i.e. so warmblood etc. is not the same size with all manufacturers!

Ideal fly mask for horses who want 100% UV eye protection! The unique flexible ring design keeps the Solar Vizor fly mask up and away from your horse’s eyes and face at a greater distance compared to other masks that lay flat. Horses accept them much better than traditional fly masks. Solid, durable EVA lining across the top half of the Solar Vizor for complete sunlight protection and superior UV eye protection!

The safety clip closure system provides a great size adjustment option to customize the fit! Do not fold on the horse’s eyes, even when rolling! MEDICAL PROTECTION for horses with uveitis (aka moon blindness), corneal ulcers, light sensitivity, eye injuries, shaking syndrome, cataracts or blindness aids in sunburn and cancer prevention! Excellent protection against flies, insects and harmful UV rays! Designed to stay ON the horse and off the ground. Can be worn over the bridle while riding.

Replacement clips see accessories.

Detailed product information and help can be found in the separate product presentation.

How to determine the correct mask size

Determination of the horse’s forehead size:
These are 3 combined measurements, NOT one sheet!

Face measurement

  1. Start at the outer corner of one eye and measure UP at a slight angle to the center of the forehead
  2. Continue along the forehead of your horse
  3. Finish the measurement by moving the slightly slanted line DOWN to the outer angle of the other eye.

This way, the widest part of your horse’s forehead will be measured if you do it right.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT measure directly over the eyes as the distance will give a size that is most likely too small for your horse.

If your horse is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the smaller mask.

Contact us if you have any questions about sizing – we will be happy to help!


  • The wrinkles in the mask that may have been caused by the packaging will quickly smooth out due to your horse’s body heat. However, if they remain stubborn, remove the mask from the horse and gently heat the folds with a hair dryer. This way they can be smoothed out.
  • Adjust the halter of the mask when your horse is standing upright. Because if you attach the mask when the animal’s head is stretched forward and lowered, it will be too loose when the horse stands up.  Then the horse could get stuck somewhere with the mask or strip it off. We recommend that you observe your pet for a while when it first wears the mask. This ensures that the mask fits properly in all situations.
  • After you adjust the mask’s halter, it should fit snugly – no more than one finger should fit between them. Then cut the remaining ends of the halters and seal them with a little glue or wax. Overhanging halters are a favorite toy for other horses. You could tear your horse’s mask off like this . For this reason, halter ends that are too long should not simply be folded and hidden in the mask ! 
  • Once the mask has been fitted, we strongly recommend cutting off the excessively long ends of the ribs. Seal the ends with wax, glue or similar. Pull the end of the strap through the clip again so that it is now on the inside of the face :
  • Regularly check your horse’s eyes and face and clean the visor.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Rinse it with a hose or wash it by hand with mild liquid soap. Rinse it well and let it air dry only.
  • Check the fencing: check regularly for sharp edges. This could result in a mask becoming snagged or jammed. A simple solution is to apply tape along the top of this type of fence. It helps reduce the risk of a mask getting caught or rupturing .
  • Replacement quick release clips: Clips can be purchased here on our website.

13 reviews for EQUIVIZOR Solar Vizor

  1. German

    Elke Fritzsche-O’Connell (verified owner)

    Ich besitze zwei Appaloosa mit periodischer Augenentzündung genetisch bedingt .Wir hatten bestimmt viele Masken probiert aber die EV ist und bleibt die beste Maske .Sie kann 24 Stunden getragen werden und bietet Schutz vor Sonne Fliegen und Regen ( Neopre

  2. German

    Lechien (verified owner)

    produit solide et efficace par contre l’attache velcro devrait être doublée afin qu’elle se détache moins facilement

  3. German

    Nadine (verified owner)

    Mein Traber wurde am Auge operiert wegen einer Periodischen Augenentzündung und hat zusätzlich immer wieder Hornhautentzündungen. Daher muss er fast dauerhaft eine Maske tragen. Die herkömmlichen Masken verrutschen, haben nicht genug Sonnenschutz oder nicht genügend Platz zum Auge. Durch eine Freundin bin ich auf AniProtec gestoßen und bin begeistert. Wir haben mit dieser Maske die Hornhautentzündung gut im Griff. Er trägt sie gerne und sie ist bisher nur einmal vom Kopf gerutscht weil sie aber falsch eingestellt war. Seitdem sitzt sie immer perfekt. Es kommt trotz wälzen und 24h Offenstall kein Dreck ans Auge, es ist perfekt vor Sonnenstrahlen geschützt und auch Wind wird gut abgehalten. Ich habe direkt die Maske für alle meine Pferde nachbestellt. Ich habe einen Stern abgezogen, da die Maske nach einer Zeit auf dem Nasenrücken scheuert. Ich habe mir nun ein Lammfell in den Bereich der Maske nähen lassen. Das funktioniert super.

    • German


      Hallo Nadine, vielen Dank für die Bewertung ! Bezüglich des Scheuerns auf dem Nasenrücken: Dazu gibt es unser separat bestellbares Polster, das genau das verhindern soll. Bitte schau mal im Shop unter Pferdezubehör > Polsterset !

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