EQUIVIZOR head protection

EQUIVIZOR head protection

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EQUIVIZOR head protection was developed to provide optimal protection for the horse during transport. This prevents serious injury if the animal shies or falls; or as effective protection of the horse’s head for waking up after anesthesia.

Please measure your horse (see sizing). Each manufacturer has its own definition of which dimensions determine a size (e.g. warmblood), i.e. warmblood etc. is not the same size for all manufacturers.

Horses are regularly injured during transport because they are frightened or become spooked or restless due to unforeseen events. Waking up after anesthesia also means danger to the horse’s head if the animal staggers, stumbles or even falls several times. Injuries range from minor to life-threatening. To avoid this, the EQUIVIZOR head guard was developed to protect the animal’s head during falls and impacts.

The mask consists of three components:On the outside, a 13 mm thick layer of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) protects the underlying structure. This consists of several 25x35mm wide strips made of a foam-like shock absorbing material that rests softly on the horse’s face. The mask is attached with a strong holster that guarantees a secure fit.

Their specific design with face and cheek holes allows maximum ventilation in the process. The ears are outside the mask, which supports the optimal fit and does not restrict the animals when listening The specially developed quick-release fastener allows uncomplicated and fast donning and doffing of the mask.

EQUIVIZOR head protection is also particularly suitable for blind horses whose head needs to be protected from impacts and wounds. You can also learn more about this from the book “The Blind Horse” by Ellen Drost

The EQUIVIZOR head protection is available in four different sizes: foal, pony, thoroughbred and warmblood.

Optionally, the matching UV-resistant eye protection net can be ordered under accessories, which can be opened in the middle by a zipper and thus allows quick access to the horse’s eyes.

Detailed product information and help can be found in the separate product presentation.


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