EQUIVIZOR eye protection

EQUIVIZOR eye protection

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An effective medical eye protection for horses that can be used permanently and without supervision. Cannot be pressed in. Protects against touch, UV radiation and brightness after eye surgery or injury, eye disease (including periodic eye inflammation).

Please measure your horse (see sizing). Each manufacturer has its own definition, which masses determine a size (eg warmblood), i.e. so warmblood etc. is not the same size with all manufacturers!

EQUIVIZOR eye protection is intended for horses suffering from eye disease, recovering from eye surgery or who often scratch their eyes. The mask is made of soft, clear PVC and is available with either light or dark (“sunglasses”) UV protection tint.

The mask comes in foal, pony, thoroughbred, warmblood and extra large sizes and includes a separate UV-resistant fly net for added protection.

With tinted PVC for 92% UV protection. In combination with the included fly/shade net, 100% UV protection is achieved.

Available accessory is washable/removable padding for nose bridge and halter (note: pad NOT available for size “foal”). This prevents chafing even with frequent pushing (e.g., periodic eye inflammation).

Available accessories:

  • Fly replacement net and
  • Clip replacement shutter and
  • subsequent upholstery set

you can find under horse accessories.

Detailed product information and help can be found in the separate product presentation.

How to determine the correct mask size

Determination of the horse’s forehead size:
These are 3 combined measurements, NOT one sheet!

Face measurement

  1. Start at the outer corner of one eye and measure UP at a slight angle to the center of the forehead
  2. Continue along the forehead of your horse
  3. Finish the measurement by moving the slightly slanted line DOWN to the outer angle of the other eye.
    This way, the widest part of your horse’s forehead will be measured if you do it right.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT measure directly over the eyes as the distance will give a size that is most likely too small for your horse.

If your horse is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger mask, not the smaller one! (Please note: with the fly masks/Solar Vizor it is the other way round!)

If your horse is to wear the eye protection mask with the (nose) pad, which can be ordered separately, please use the size chart below:

The size chart should be used as a guide to find the best size for your horse. The table is not a guarantee of fit.

General notes:

The mask protects your horse reliably, if the correct conditions are also given:

  • entfernen oder blockieren Sie den Zugang zu hervorstehenden Widerständen, an denen das Pferd die Maske “verhaken” und dann mit Gewalt vom Kopf ziehen kann ; dies gilt auch für Zäune (Stacheldraht!!), Türgriffe etc.. Die Verschlußclips sind “Sollbruchstellen”, die brechen müssen, wenn das Pferd irgendwo mit der Maske hängen bleibt! Ersatzverschlüsse (Clips) finden Sie in unserem Shop unter “Zubehör”.
  • the mask is intended and suitable for 24/7 use – even in open stables and with other horses, as is the case with most of our customer horses. However, occasionally other horses may be provoked to play with the mask and bite or tear it off your horse’s head (CAUTION: do not let the halter hang long, this “tempts”, see Figure 6-9 below). In extreme cases, prevent access to other horses and block contact with the horse in the neighboring stall – otherwise it could succeed in tearing the mask off your horse’s head.
  • alleviate pain of the horse, if possible. Because in severe pain, the horse will recklessly try to get to his eye
  • sand/dirt can penetrate through the important ventilation holes of the mask. The horse should therefore ideally be kept in an environment as free of sand/dust as possible or not be able to roll around in it
  • the higher the temperature, the more pliable the material. At temperatures below zero, it stiffens accordingly, but remains flexible even at -25 degrees. CAUTION: Impacts can cause cracks at sub-zero temperatures! These are NOT due to material defects or deficiencies. They can be repaired with special glue (pdf).
  • the mask must have the correct size! NOTE: If your horse repeatedly drops the mask and the cause is not apparent, the mask can be attached to a stable halter (with string or similar) if necessary. Feel free to send us photos of your horse with mask (info@aniprotec.de) and call us to check the size.

The EQUIVIZOR eye protection mask fits correctly when

  • the right and left outer edge of the mask ends almost under the ears (= correct mask size) ; thus there is enough space between the corner of the eye and the edge of the mask (see picture 1)
  • the neck strap forms an almost continuous “line” with the rear throat strap (see picture 2). If necessary, remove the connecting piece between the two throat straps.
  • the mask is clearly wider than the head when viewed from the front; the triangles therefore protrude next to it (Fig. 3)
  • the “triangles” sit exactly at eye level (Fig. 4, green dashed)
  • the lower edge of the mask ends almost in the middle of the horse’s head/nose bridge (picture 3 and picture 4)
  • the mask rests all around
Picture 1
Picture 2
Image 3
Image 4

Correct creation

  • Put on the mask so that the “row of holes” is at the top. The upper edge of the mask ends at the top just before the ears. The mask wraps around the face
  • Then close the strap behind the ears. It should fit snugly, but never be pulled too tight. You will have to readjust it later.
  • Then close the two straps under the chin. Make sure that the latches are tight. You will – and must ! – open (or break) only if force is applied to them, e.g. if the horse gets stuck somewhere.
  • If the straps need to be adjusted, TAKE THE MASK OFF AGAIN, OPEN THE CLIPS, and then adjust them. Repeat this process until the mask fits well
  • Then watch the horse when it eats. The mask should fit snugly but not be so tight that it interferes with the horse’s eating or even rubs against the skin (Figure 5). When removing the eye protection, no imprint of the mask must be visible on the face – otherwise it is too tight !
  • If necessary, remove the “bridge” between the two throat straps and place the inner strap behind the gaiters. Do not pull too tight !
Image 5

Once the mask has been fitted, we strongly recommend CUTTING OFF THE TOO LONG ENDS OF THE RIEMS (Fig. 6). Seal the ends with wax, glue or similar. Pull the end of the strap through the clip again so that it is now on the inside of the face (Fig. 6-9) :

Image 6
Image 7
Image 8
Image 9

We advise against knotting or looping the ends under the straps, because

  • other horses could pull on them and so the mask could be torn off the head by force
  • the horse could get caught somewhere with the long straps, which would possibly lead to the opening/breaking of the fasteners

Ersatzverschlüsse (Clips) finden Sie in unserem Shop unter “Zubehör”.

CHECK THE CORRECT SEAT at regular intervals!


A horse whose eyes are sore or injured, itchy or stinging, will try to relieve this irritation by rubbing them more or less. The EQUIVIZOR Eye Protection Mask is designed to protect the horse’s eyes even when they are strained by rubbing, chafing and prodding the horse:

  • The material of the mask MUST be soft on the one hand (so that the horse does not injure itself or others !), but on the other hand so resistant that it does not tear or collapse on the eye. This is ensured by the thick but soft PVC and the design with the outer corners. However, the PVC will be scratched by the stress – this is unavoidable. Otherwise, each of these scratches would end up in the horse’s face or eye – with dire consequences. Scratching the mask therefore does not represent a reduction in value.
  • The transverse center seam on the PVC of the mask can become loose due to chafing. This has no limiting effect on the function of the mask. This seam is needed during production to hold the two edges in position while the composite adhesive cures. After that, it no longer has any function. It is the strong composite adhesive that permanently closes the seam
  • The double stitched seam of the border can also open up at individual stitches of one of the double seams due to strong rubbing. The stitches are set in such a way that “pricking up” is made very difficult. The second seam is usually not affected and keeps the wool padding stable. Nevertheless, we recommend that you check the mask regularly and, if necessary, have it resewn by a saddlery in good time.
  • The soft, woolen underpadding of the edge of the mask is designed to help prevent skin injuries. A prerequisite is that the mask was not tightened too tightly. Another that the horse does not “rub” extensively. However, if the latter is to be expected due to the medical situation and there is a risk of pressure sores or skin abrasions, we recommend the use of a skin protection product from the outset. These are available on the Internet or the pharmacy. They are applied to the facial fur, where they form a thin, protective film for up to 72 hours. Here is a product example from company ConvaTec Sensi-Care skin protection wipes. Similar products are equally suitable.
  • Especially for horses with uveitis, eye protection plays a major role: if the eye is injured by scratching, a corneal ulcer often forms. Uveitis then cannot be effectively treated until the ulcer is healed !
  • Horses suffering from uveitis (periodic ophthalmitis, moon blindness), for example, often experience severe pain, especially during episodes. They will inevitably try to reach the eyes and will be prone to severe mask rubbing. Timely/preventive use of skin protection products is strongly recommended. Clients told us that in horses with uveitis, sudden chafing under the mask indicated that a new episode was imminent. They took this as an opportunity to have the horse treated at an early stage
  • Ein zusätzliches, abnehmbares Fleece-Polsterset ist im Lieferumfang der Maske nicht enthalten (Nasenschutz plus Halfterpolster) und kann in unserem Shop unter Rubrik “Zubehör” bestellt werden. Es schützt den Nasenrücken bei besonders heftiger Belastung durch Scheuern. Das Polsterset ist waschbar. Zur besonderen Sicherung der Maske bei starkem Schmerz/Juckreiz kann es sinnvoll sein, diese zusätzlich am Halfter zu befestigen

If the horse has already contracted corresponding sores on the face due to extensive rubbing, additional medical padding is recommended, which will also support the healing of the sore area and at the same time allow the mask to continue to be worn. Foam dressings are suitable for this purpose.

Here we mention as an example such a product of the company Mölnlycke, the Mepilex absorbent foam dressing, which is available in pharmacies. It is available in different sizes and can be cut to size as needed:

Another way to protect the horse’s face from sores is to use a head and neck chest protector, such as those available at specialty stores:

Care of the mask

  • The usual evaporation of horse skin causes the mask to acquire a fine, greasy film on the inside. Therefore, clean the mask regularly with warm rinse water. The fat solvent in the rinsing agent helps to make the mask clean and clear again.
  • NEVER allow the mask to soak in a cleaning liquid. The PVC will otherwise take on the color of the liquid and may also become blind!
  • als Reiniger können wir nur ein Produkt empfehlen, das wir getestet haben: Der FC2 Foam Cleaner ist ein aufsprühbarer Schaumreiniger, der  speziell für PVC entwickelt wurde. Sie finden das Produkt in unserem Shop unter “Zubehör”
  • Rub the mask dry with a soft, lint-free cloth; fine microfiber cloths are suitable for this purpose
  • Make sure that the black wool padding on the edge is well rinsed. Soap residue could otherwise damage the horse’s eyes.

Since it protects the eyes, the mask will inevitably scratch – how much depends on how the horse handles it. Remember that this is not a piece of clothing or a decorative item – it is a protective product comparable to a motorcycle helmet. This too will not look nice after an accident and will have defects because it has kept out damage. Better that way, than if the defects developed on the horse’s eye!

Ausfühliche Gebrauchshinweise finden Sie auch im Anhang der Produktpräsentation.

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  1. German


    Meine Lilly muss die Maske Aufgrund einer Hornhautverletzung tragen. Sie hat die Maske vom ersten Moment an akzeptiert. Ich habe noch die Polster dazu gekauft, allerdings nur das Nasenpolster und einen Schoner im Genick angebracht. Ich kann die Maske uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen. Sie macht von Heuraufe über Koppel bis Wälzen alles mit und sitzt den ganzen Tag perfekt.

  2. German

    Simone B.

    Unglaublich dankbar! Einfach super!
    Ich habe bei meiner Shettystute seit Jahren, mehrmals im Jahr mit einer so starken Augenentzündung bzw. Bindehautenzündung zu kämpfen. Duch eine Allergie oder was auch immer (der Tierarzt konnte es bis heute nicht eindeutig feststellen) hat sich im Auge ein so starker Juckreiz gebildet, dass sie sich dann an allen möglichen Gegenständen gekratzt hat, sodass dann die Nickhaut so stark rausgekippt ist, dass es ohne Tierarzt nicht zurückging. Sie wurde dann immer mit Cortisontropfen und Entzündungshemmer behandelt; das waren zum einen immer wieder Tierarztkosten, zum anderen war das immer wieder schmerzhaft für die Shettystute und auch immer wieder diese Medikamente, die dann für den Organismus auch nicht gut waren. Ich bin irgendwann im Internet auf diese Maske gestoßen und hab sie mir aber auch nicht gleich gekauft, weil mich der doch etwas hohe Preis immer noch zurückgehalten hat. Als dieser Nickhautvorfall dieses Jahr jetzt schon zum fünften Mal passiert ist, sah ich in dieser Maske meine einzige Möglichkeit. Meine Shettystute hat sie jetzt ca. 3 Wochen, 24/7 im Offenstall auf. Die Augen und die Maske kontrolliere ich täglich und sie hat auch tatsächlich schon einige Kratzer, was darauf schließen lässt, dass sie schon versucht hat sich irgendwo zu kratzen. Die Maske ist einfach unglaublich super. Sie hat alles bis jetzt ausgehalten, das Auge ist unversehrt. Es bleibt sauber und kann nicht verletzt werden! Ich bin einfach so unglaublich dankbar, dass ich dieses Produkt gefunden habe. Es ist einfach gold- und geldwert für Tier und Besitzer!!! Auch der Kundenservice von aniprotec ist einfach spitze! Lt. unseren Messungen hat es mir die Größe Cob angezeigt. Ich habe beim Kundenservie nachgefragt, im Fall die Maske tatsächlich nicht passen sollte, ob ich sie umtauschen kann. Ich bekam innerhalb einer Stunde eine Rückmeldung, die Ware wurde am selben Tag versendet und die Maske war am nächsten Tag da! Einfach alles unglaublich super gelaufen! Ein ganz großes Lob und ich kann die Maske einfach nur jedem weiterempfehlen, der auf der Suche nach einem Schutz für die Augen seines Lieblings ist!!!

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