SWADDLE WRAP Pressure Wrap

The SWADDLE WRAP Pressure Wrap is a proven therapeutic suit to calm dogs significantly !

There are many reasons for dogs to suffer from anxiety - and resulting aggressiveness. The ANXIETY WRAP was developed based on a proven method to calm the animal quickly and effectively - without any drugs or force. It is a leightweight suit applied to the dog. Swaddle_Wrap_Beagle_3

The SWADDLE WRAP provides acupressure and maintained pressure (=gentle, constant pressure) to calm the dog in following situations:

  • during car rides, transports (airplanes) and generally when travelling (trembling and nausea)
  • separation anxiety and incapability of staying alone (howl and bark)
  • anxiety in new or unknow environment (new home, arrival at shelter)
  • visits to the veterinarian or in scary or loud environment (traffic, construction sites)
  • exaggerated barking (at the front door, when meeting strangers)
  • unwanted jumping 
  • agitation, fear or aggressiveness when getting in contact with other dogs (during walks, at the training grounds)
  • neurotic behavior (running in circles, biting paws)
  • nervousness or hyperactivity
  • fear during thunderstorm and fireworks


Applying the SWADDLE WRAP results in


  • fearful, nervous, anxious or hyperactive dogs become calmer
  • dogs who suffer from shyness feel more secure and gain confidence
  • dogs become calmer and focused during training lesson which helps them to learn faster
The SWADDLE WRAP is made of leightweight fabric that applies gentle pressure over as much of a dog's body as possible. It thereby activates key pressure points and is extremely comfortable. Unlike other products, the intelligent fabric allows it to constantly flex and stretch over the dog'sPressure-wrap-technology body, eliminating habituation. It is designed to allow the dog to urinate and defecate freely and is safe to leave the dog when you're not at home or overnight.
The Swaddle wrap is made of a cotton Spandex knit fabric, a smooth knit fabric comprised of natural cotton with a small percent of Spandex. The cotton is blended with Spandex to give it the excellent 4-way stretch and recovery necessary for the Swaddle wrap. Cotton Spandex knit is known for its all-season comfort. It is considered to be friendly to the skin due to its breathability and ability to absorb moisture.
For more information on it's function see section "how it works".

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