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Biological parasite protection collar without hazardous chemical substances. Therefore harmless for humans and pets. Based on essential oils whose fragrance is only unpleasant / deterring for parasites. Water resistant. Approximately 2 months. Do not use if your pet is sensitive to cedar, eucalyptus, mint or lemon oil.

Available for dogs in sizes
- large (> 25kg) collar length 75 cm
- medium (10> 25 kg) length 60 cm
- small (<10 kg) length 35 cm
- puppy collar length 35 cm

As well as for cats in sizes
- normal,  length 35 cm
- Kitten, length 35 cm

IMPORTANT: Please always order the product for the respective size and age, as the strengths of the active ingredients are different and customized for the specific animal group

Selection: BIO PROTECTO Collar

Product no. Tierart Grösse Status Price
BPH-HL Hund grosser Hund
9.90 € *
BPH-HM Hund mittelgrosser Hund
9.90 € *
BPH-HS Hund kleiner Hund
9.90 € *
BPH-HP Hund Welpe
9.90 € *
BPH-KN Katze erwachsende Katze
9.90 € *
BPH-KK Katze Katzenbaby
9.90 € *
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