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Do I need a GRETA user account to activate?

Yes, you must have a GRETA user account. You can create this simply and uncomplicatedly HERE. You can also create an account using the GRETA Smartphone App

GRETA app for Android,

GRETA App for iOS

GRETA Web-App for MAC and Windos PC

How do I activate my GRETA GPS device?

The Tractive GPS device must be activated once before initial operation. To do this, the unit should be fully charged. Visit the followingLINK to start the activation

Can I use one GRETA GPS device for two user accounts?

YeS, you can do that. It is also possible to use several devices with the same user name. You can log on to multiple smartphones with the same username, for example to follow your dog/cat on multiple devices.


How does GPS positioning work?

The position locating is done by means of the GPS module in the GRETA GPS device. You can see the current position on the map on your smartphone or on the map in your user account. The GRETA GPS device sends regular position updates, the more the device moves, the more often the position is transmitted. If the device does not move or hardly moves, the transfer rate is reduced to save battery power (energy-saving mode).

How does live tracking work? moodbild4

Live tracking sends a signal every few seconds so you can track your pet in real time. A line marks the track of your animal. The app stores all movement data of the used trackers. These can be called up at a later point in time, for example to trace the course and length of your dog's journey. The data can then also be downloaded



What is geofencing? Geofencing_Nachricht

A geofence is the virtual delimitation of an area. The GRETA app uses geofencing to contact you when you leave or reach an area. 

Define individual geofences and determine the times at which they are activated. 


Why do I need an integrated light source on the device?

You can easily switch the light source on and off from your smartphone. If you are looking for your pet in the dark, the light source can be very helpful.


How does GRETA work?

Please read our detailed explanations on the GRETA location methods page.

How can I find or locate my animal with GRETA?

You can see where your pet is on your smartphone or on the GRETA website. With normal GPS position locating, a signal is sent every few minutes and the position is updated if the animal is moving.

Can GRETA be harmful to my animal?

GRETA uses the same technology as mobile phones and is therefore neither less harmful nor more harmful than being near your pet with a mobile phone.

For which animals can GRETA be used?

GRETA can be used for all animals wearing collars, harnesses or similar equipment on which the GRETA GPS device can be mounted. The GPS device weighs 32 grams and is recommended for animals weighing 4.5kg or more.

Can I use GRETA for other purposes?

GRETA is incredibly versatile: With the additional temperature and speed warning, the 24-hour telephone notification service and last but not least the controllable flight mode, GRETA can be used in many scenarios!

GRETA's fields of application:

  • Locating pets and farm animals
  • Reliable support for school children
  • Securing of vehicles of all kinds
  • Securing of bags and suitcases
  • Protection for outdoor and extreme sports

Do I need a smartphone to use GRETA?

No, not necessarily - although it is recommended. You can also use the WebApp to locate the position. If you want to use your smartphone to locate your position, download the free GRETA app.

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Where can I get the app for my smartphone, PC or MAC?

Please click here:

GRETA App for Android

GRETA App for iOS

GRETA App for MAC and Windos PC    



What are the dimensions and weight of the GRETA GPS unit?

 The GRETA GPS device measures exactly 64mm x 29mm x 24mm and weighs only 32 grams.


What happens if the GRETA GPS device get into contact with water? Wasserhund

The GRETA GPS device has no SIM card openings and no normal USB connection and is therefore not only splash-proof, but absolutely waterproof according to IP67 standard. The IP67 certification defines, on the one hand, that the device is dust-tight and, on the other hand, protection against temporary immersion up to a maximum depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. This of course refers to clear water, other liquids, e.g. salt water, soapy water, alcohol or heated liquids are not protected. GRETA is therefore suitable for animals that like to swim in a pond or river. GRETA can of course also be used in the rain. 


What outside temperatures does the GRETA GPS device withstand?

The GRETA GPS device can be used in ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +60 °C. Charging takes place at 0 °C to +45 °C



How can I attach the GRETA GPS device to my animal?

The GRETA GPS device is supplied with a cuff. With their help, the GPS device can be easily and safely attached to the collar or holster of the animal. 

It is recommended to attach the device in the neck area of the animal if possible.

Do I need a special collar for GRETA?

No, in principle it is possible to attach the GRETA GPS device to most standard collars and holsters. 

How is the GRETA GPS device loaded?

Simply use the charger cradle supplied via a normal mains plug or USB connection. While the unit is charging, the LED is permanently red. When the charging LED goes out, the unit is fully charged. Charging usually takes no more than 2 hours. Before charging, make sure that the charging contacts are clean.



How long does the battery last?

Consumption is reduced when GRETA is not in motion. Battery life with active use up to 5 days, in standby up to 24 days.





Where does GRETA work?

GRETA works in large parts of Europe and many parts of the world.  Here you can find detailed information about the GPS operation and the countries in which GRETA can be used

What costs will I have to pay?

The one-time costs for the GRETA GPS device and the low monthly costs for GPS operation. The various service packages are displayed for selection when you activate your device.

The service fee covers the costs for the mobile network and the 24-hour notification service, which will contact you by telephone in an alarm situation. When activating your tracker, you can choose one of the following packages:

  • Monthly payment - 4,99 € per month
  • 6 months in advance - 4,59 € per month
  • 12 months in advance - 4,19 € per month
  • 24 months in advance - 3,79 € per month

Why are there monthly costs for the GPS service?

The GRETA GPS device for animals communicates with the GRETA App via the mobile network. This results in mobile phone charges. We only charge you the selected service flat rate. You never pay more than the selected package price per month/year. You can stop or resume the service at any time.

Are there activation fees?

No, Prothelis does not charge any activation fees for GRETA.

Are there contract periods?

No, you can stop or pause the service at any time. However, we can no longer refund payments made in advance.

Does it matter which mobile provider I use?

No, it doesn't matter. Please note, however, that you need an Internet connection to open the app on your smartphone, i.e. you need a data plan or at least WLAN on your smartphone to use GRETA.

How is the payment processed?

You can pay the GPS device and the monthly service fee by * direct debit * credit card * Paypal


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